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Team spirit: Let's collaborate!
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Activity 2

Team spirit: Let's collaborate!

A. My qualities!

Memory game: look at the word cloud for one minute and memorise as many words as possible. You don’t need to understand every word to memorise them!

Méthode je mémorise (numérique)


Word up! Choose the correct preposition.
1) Someone who is is someone you can always count .
2) Someone who is punctual is someone who is always time.

Repeat the following sentences.

1) I’m kind and independent.
2) He’s responsible and very creative.

What are your qualities? Select three qualities from the word cloud which apply to you. Justify your choice.

Ex : I am reliable, my friends can count on me.

B. My path to success!

That’s the way I am! Help these students see the good sides of things: what they see as a flaw can also be a quality! Give them advice to get better at English.

Ex : “I’m shy” → It’s not a problem. People like you because you don’t always try to catch everyone’s attention. You should sit next to someone you trust to see him or her as an ally. You can also ask the teacher at the end of class.

1) “I have difficulties with grammar.” Kenny

2) “I’m afraid of speaking in public.” Brenda

3) “I understand most things but it’s harder for me to make sentences.” Joshua

Help Franck and Melody identify their strengths... and give them advice on things to improve.

Useful vocabulary: You know how to… so you are a... person.
You’re already… but you could become more…
What is great is that you can…

Tip: revise the use of modal auxiliaries.

Portrait 1

I always do my homework and I like to do things well. I can get a bit annoyed if things are not done exactly the way I want.


Portrait 2

My friends know they can always call me when they need to talk. I sometimes find it hard to prioritise and I tend to procrastinate and leave things until the last minute.


Language in progress

Les modaux (action au présent)

Règle d’or : modal + V (pas de to !)
He can manage to + V... → Il peut arriver à...
She could spend time + V-ing → Elle pourrait passer du temps à…
You should practice + V-ing / noun → Tu devrais t’entraîner à…
They must take into account… → Ils doivent prendre en compte…

Précis grammatical p. 270

C. Become a great team player!


What is teamwork? Discuss with your neighbour to find a definition of what teamwork is.
Useful vocabulary: Teamwork means...
You need to / It is necessary to...
You have to want / be willing to...
Be able to trust your peers / classmates.
Communicate / collaborate / listen to others.
A reliable person = someone you can rely on / count on.

Proverb: “Two heads are better than one.”

Listen to three students giving their points of view on teamwork.

a. According to them, what are the advantages of teamwork? Which qualities do you acquire?

b. Which obstacles may you be confronted with? How can you overcome these obstacles?

c. Select the arguments you agree with.

D. We’re a team!

Let’s learn how to work together.
a. Make a list of your personal qualities.

b. Say how they can be useful when you work in groups.

Choose the sentence(s) which best apply to you or create your own.

Useful vocabulary: Sometimes I can be too talkative so feel free to stop me.
I can be shy sometimes so ask for my opinion. I’m sensitive so don’t hurt my feelings.
I like making jokes but tell me if you don’t find it funny.
I’m a lone wolf → an introvert.
I’m a social butterfly → an extrovert.

Participate in the standing class survey.
Stand up when your teacher reads the sentence(s) which best describe(s) you and look around to see who is standing too. You’ll find new allies!

Your time to shine!

Make a “How to work with me” card! First finish this sentence: “It’s easy to work with me because…”. Then, add five other sentences.

a.The rules of your class : Individually, write down five rules you think are essential to work together as a team.
Ex : You must listen to others...

Useful vocabulary: For me, it’s essential to + V
Be careful with... / Pay attention to…
I can’t help + V-ing / I can’t resist + V-ing…
Prevent someone from + V-ing ≠ Encourage someone to + V…
Make sure (that)…
Annoying / problematic ≠ Agreeable / pleasant

Share your findings and compare your rules with you neighbour. Agree on five.

Then share with other pairs of students. Decide as a group which five rules should become the rules of your class. Be ready to present them to the class.

Speak English in the classroom (rabats d'ouverture et de fin)
Précis de communication p. 252

Your time to shine!

Prepare a poster to present and illustrate your rules.
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