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Get Ready for the Final Project

Ready... Go through what you have seen so far.

Step 1: In groups (each group is in charge of one category), browse the unit in the book and your notes in your copybook to make a list of all the things you have studied in this unit.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4
Cultural knowledge

Step 2: Make new groups with one person from group 1, one person from group 2, one person from group 3… Then, share your findings to fill in a mind map of the unit on your copybook.
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Steady... Read carefully the assessment grid of your project.

Read the scenario of your final project and think about the possible dos and don’ts. From the list below, select the items corresponding to your project and write their number in the right category.

Tip: What do you think would be your assets?
To which aspect do you have to pay particular attention?

I must... I may... I should'nt...

1) Make notes on the pronunciation of difficult words.
2) Pay attention to the pronunciation of th.
3) Make sure to smile and look at my partners.
4) Give my opinion and illustrate it with personal examples.
5) Discuss the initiatives taken by US States regarding climate change.
6) Use vocabulary seen in the unit.
7) Use interaction expressions.
8) Organise my text by using link words. Précis de communication p. 258
9) Question the issues behind communication during WWII.
10) Proofread my text.
11) Copy and paste content I found online.
12) Imagine the future of humanity and the planet.
13) Pay attention to articles.
14) Use probability sentences.
15) Use phrasal verbs.
16) Refer to movies or series dealing with the subject.
17) Make references to elements I have studied in the unit.
18) Practice to make sure I can talk about dates and events.
19) Give my opinion on space travel, space tourism and space colonisation.
20) Copy what a classmate has written.
21) Pay attention to the pronunciation of -s at the end of words.
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Go! In your textbook, get started on your final project!
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