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African Sheroes

Activity 2

African Sheroes

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Get ready! Pick out from the word cloud the words you expect to hear in the video.

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Watch the video. Write as much information as you can pick out.

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First part:
0:00 - 0:28

a. Which lexical field is developed here?

b. What message is conveyed regarding the continent and its population?

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a. Second part:
2:53 - 5:16
Pick out words to fill in these categories.

Verbs related to women Jobs and fields in which women are involved Adjectives and adverbs related to women

b. Using the information above, tick the adjectives that best describe the women featured in the video. Justify.

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From all the information you have gathered, how would you define the aim of this video?

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Let's recap! You are representing P.A.W.O. (Pan African Woman Organisation) at the U.N. Use what you learnt in this video to explain how women have always been a major force in the development of the African continent.

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