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Knights of Camelot!

Mission 2

Knights of Camelot!


Parler en continu : je prends la parole pour raconter, décrire, expliquer.

Did you know?

The Holy Grail (1975) is a parody made by the British comedy group Monty Python. It makes fun of Arthur and his knights and influenced the French comedians of the TV series Kaamelott. Who were King Arthur’s companions in Camelot?

Exercice 1 : The Round Table

The team who finds the most details about the picture after 4 minutes wins!

Recap everything you’ve learnt about the knights of the Round Table.

Read about a knight’s adventures then team up to share information.

Find the five hidden words in the picture.

The Round Table

Exercice 2 : I’m a knight!

Listen and pick out the words that have to do with being a knight (objects, action verbs…).

Create a timeline of this knight’s adventures.

Show and tell! Choose a picture and use it to tell your classmates about the role of knights in medieval society.
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Exercice 3 : You’re a knight, prepare to fight!

Describe the pictures and compare the knights using comparative adjectives and expressions.

What were the qualities of a “good” knight? Use HAD to.

You are an old knight. You are talking about the good old days. What kind of knight were you?

You’re a knight, prepare to fight!


Pronounce "ght"


knight - sight - bright - fright - night - light

Repeat faster

The helmet of this frightening knight shines so bright at night.


Had to

Observe: A knight had to be brave and chivalrous. A knight didn’t have to prepare his armour.

Think: Spot the two verbs. What’s the meaning of had to?

Practise: List 3 obligations that applied to knights.

I am Sir Pendragon, I fought…

I am Sir Pendragon, I fought…

You're a knight, share you adventures !

You’re a knight and you’ve been invited to the Round Table to share your adventures! Use UtellStory.

How far can you go?

A1+ I can introduce myself as an imaginary knight.
A2 I can share my adventures in the past.
A2+ I can use complex sentences with link words.
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