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Stolen from Africa

Mission 2

Stolen from Africa

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Doc. 4
Thomas Rice as Jim Crow

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Did you know?

1. Mandela delivered a speech in Mumbai. Right or wrong? 
2. Mandela and Gandhi are remembered as great speakers. Right or wrong?

Link words

Observe : 1. Slavery was abolished. However, black people suffered from discrimination. 2. Black people were not considered citizens: that’s why MLK fought for their rights.

Réfléchis : Quelle phrase exprime une conséquence ? Laquelle exprime une concession ? Comment exprimer la cause ? Avec whereas, because ou thanks to ?

Conclus : Slavery was abolished after the Civil War ... the Southern States seceded.



Listen: Breathe - brother / Breath - truth.

Réfléchis : Quel couple de mots est prononcé /ð/ ? Quel couple de mots est prononcé /θ/ ?



Répète : Both (/ð/ ou /θ/) my brothers (/ð/ ou /θ/) know it’s the truth (/ð/ ou /θ/) we’re stronger together (/ð/ ou /θ/).

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Mission 2

You can write...

Your speech will be...

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Exercice 1 : “Separate but equal”

Graphique lié à l'exercice 1

Graphique lié à l'exercice 2
Look at the picture. Introduce the document.

Type of document Where When What

Identify similarities and differences between these two pictures, and complete the sentences.

Both photos are .
Unlike in the first photo, .
There is .
Whereas .

How do you understand the expression “separate but equal”? Use link words:Because / but / and / however / whereas / although.

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Exercice 2 : The Jim Crow Laws

Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

a) Who was Jim Crow? (A popular minstrel show. / An abolitionist.)
b) What was the goal of the Jim Crow laws? (Isolate Black people. / Make White people feel inferior to Black people. / Make Black people feel inferior to White people. )
c) Where were the laws enacted? (In the USA. / In the UK. / In South Africa.)
d) In what period did these laws exist? (During the Civil war. / During the 20th century.)

Explain how the Jim Crow laws resulted in segregation. Use link words to organise your sentences.

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Exercice 3 : Speaking for freedom

Research Martin Luther King’s life.

a) He was born in .
b) He studied in .
c) He was inspired by .
d) He died in .

Present the document.

a) This speech is entitled .
b) It was delivered in on .

How would you translate “I have a dream that one day...”?

Associate each paragraph with its key message.

  • Being united in the future.
  • So let freedom ring!
  • We are all equal.
  • A dream of brotherhood.
  • I have a dream.
First paragraph
Second paragraph
Third paragraph
Fourth paragraph
Fifth paragraph

Who or what does MLK quote? Choose the correct answer.

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