Activity 3

A never ending transposition?

Let's learn!

Slap the picture!

In groups of 3, look carefully at the poster in your book. One of you will name an item of the poster, the first to touch it wins a point. Name as many words as possible.
You can play this game with other pictures in the unit.

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Look at the structure of the poster. List the words you expect to hear.

Now watch the trailer.

Say who the characters are.

What strikes you?

Useful vocabulary: I suppose / assume...
I can deduce that...
Whereas... On the contrary
I’m astounded / surprised...
It will be released...
The catch phrase reads...
The main characters are...
They look like...

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Look at the poster. What do you expect the video to be about?

Now watch the trailer.

Pick out all the words you understand.

Briefly say what the video is about.

Useful vocabulary: It must deal with / be about...
This video is a...
It is entitled...
The TV show must be set in / take place in...
I can imagine that...


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Workbook p. 74

Over to you!

Write a wiki article on a female detective (120 words)

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 3
and / or
Activity 4

Select a female detective of your choice or invent one. Gather or make up information to write the first paragraph of a wiki article about her. You can include quotations from the novel and a picture.

Elementary by Robert Doherty, 2012.
Elementary, by Robert Doherty, 2012.

Grammar in progress

Le present be + V-ing

  • Observez ces deux phrases :
  • – The woman is standing behind the man.
    – The man is sitting on an armchair.

  • Comment sont-elles construites ?

  • De quel type d'action s'agit-il ?

  • Concluez : Pour décrire une action vue dans son déroulement, on utilise : ...

Exercices p. 162 Précis grammatical p. 272


  • determined /dɪˈtɜːmɪnd/ (adj.)
  • sitting / standing (adj.)
  • armchair /ˈɑːmtʃɛə/ (n.)
  • bow window /ˌbəʊˈ wɪndəʊ/ (n.)
  • buildings (n.)
  • desk (n.)
  • desk lamp (n.)
  • scarf /ˈskɑːf/ (n.)
  • stool (n.)
  • suit /ˈsuːt/ (n.)

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

Spot the differences with the original Sherlock Holmes.

Have you seen this series? Do you feel like watching it?

Useful vocabulary: It appeals to me / I find it appealing...
It’s not my jam... I’m not into this kind of series...
What is different from... is...
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