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Got(h) away with murder

Activity 5
Fear factors
p. 130

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Get ready!

a. Explain the title of the poster in your own words. Which elements of the Gothic can you find?

b. The quote “You’re expected” means:

c. Analyze the poster, the differences and links between the top and the bottom halves of the woman’s face. Which gothic elements can you find in it?
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a. First watching. Pick out elements and words to complete each category.

Cinema vocabulary Gothic elements Scary elements

b. Fill in the blanks in the following extract from the script.
has been changing. It got to a point where the genre was content just to people. Now we’re seeing are much more In our show, I wanted to go back to when was actually about something more profound than just being .
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Second watching. True or false?

1) It’s more difficult to maintain fear in a TV show than in a film.
2) The director believes in ghosts.
3) What you don’t see is scarier than what you do see.


Let's recap! Based on the interview, imagine a “how to create fear” guide in three steps.

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