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A new life on a new land

The West wind

Activity 1
A new life on a new land
p. 140

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Get ready!

a. What does “a new life on a new land” evoke to you?

b. Read the introductory sentence in italics and imagine what life might be like in Roaring Camp.
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a. What is this “unexpected event” and how is it welcomed? Why?

b. List all the adjectives and nouns used to portray the main male figures.

c. Then try to pair each word up with its synonym from this list.
1) An outlaw (n.)
2) Relaxed (adj.)
3) Self-conscious (adj.)
4) Gentle (adj.)
5) An expert gunman (n.)
6) Highbrow (adj.)
7) Irresponsible (adj.)
8) Person who bets (n.)
9) Courageous (adj.)
10) Shy (adj.)
11) Depressed (adj.)
12) Muscled (adj.)

d. What sort of men are they? Did you expect this? Explain.
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a. Say whether these statements are true or false.

1) The inhabitants of Roaring Camp are looking forward to something.
2) The people on this Camp live peacefully together.
3) Nobody cares about the baby’s gender.

b. What brings the settlers of Roaring Camp together?


Let's recap! To what extent does Roaring Camp represent the opportunity for any and everyone to start over one in the West?

Useful vocabulary: It represents the opportunity to... It makes things possible for people to...

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