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Trials on Screen

Activity 1
WB p. 33

Trials on Screen

Group 1

Good Night and Good Luck

Group 2

The Crucible

Group 3

Hollywood on Trial

You are in charge of one document.

Workbook p. 33

Look at the poster and imagine what the movie is about.

a. Look for information about your film online. Pick out key elements: names of the main characters, historical context….
Be ready to present it.

b. What kind of witch hunt is depicted in your film?
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Let's talk this out!

Share your findings with your classmates.

What are the differences and similarities between these films?

Which films would you most and least like to watch? Justify your choices.
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  • be blacklisted (exp.)
  • be sentenced to (exp.)
  • civil disobedience (exp.)
  • entertainment industry (exp.)
  • ideological struggle (exp.)
  • spy on sb. (exp.)
  • censorship /ˈsɛnsəʃɪp/ (n.)
  • civil rights /ˈraɪts/ (n.)
  • documentary (n.)
  • threat /ˈθrɛt/ (n.)

From French to English

La traduction de « chaque »

each (valeur adjectivale / de déterminant)
Ex : Each of them was condemned.

every (valeur indéfinie)
Ex : She answered every question.

each time / whenever / every time (valeur temporelle)
Ex : Each time, communists were arrested.

Let’s learn!

Millionaire game

In pairs, prepare five questions about what you have learnt so far. For each question, give four options (only one is correct).
Challenge your classmates.

On your way to the task ❯❯ Step 1

Wikipedia article

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

Write an encyclopedia entry entitled “McCarthyism in art”. You must use one of the witch hunts you have covered in class so far to illustrate it.

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