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Compréhension de l’oral

Cloud word

Space Exploring

Avant d'écouter

Lisez le titre ci-dessus et regardez le nuage de mots.
a. Sur quoi peut porter cet enregistrement ? Faites trois hypothèses.

b. Trouvez cinq autres mots que vous pourriez entendre dans l’enregistrement.
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Après l’écoute
En rendant compte, en français, du document, vous montrerez que vous avez compris les éléments suivants :
Le thème principal du document ;
À qui s’adresse le document ;
Le déroulement des faits, la situation, les événements, les informations ;
L’identité des personnes ou des personnages et, éventuellement, les liens entre elles/entre eux ;
Les éventuels différents points de vue ;
Les éventuels éléments implicites du document ;
La fonction et la portée du document (relater, informer, convaincre, critiquer, dénoncer, etc.).
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Compréhension de l’écrit

Presentation of the BoldlyGo Institute

A Community Committed to Discovery

Space-based science is a cornerstone for investigating profound questions of our existence and destiny. The pursuit of the unknown to uncover answers about life and our universe has led to extraordinary advances in science, technology, and society. Excitement is at the root of exploration, whether roving Mars or discovering new exoplanets. By flying space missions with compelling science goals, our organization advances science and broadens engagement for future space exploration. As scientists, engineers, and explorers committed to advancing human knowledge and civilization, we are compelled to make this effort to open new paths to discovery, to achieve historic firsts in our quest to understand and explore the cosmos, to generate new opportunities for innovation and efficiency in spacecraft development, to expand the pool of resources available for space science beyond the government coffers, and to create new levels of public access and engagement in scientific research from space - and to do these things as soon as possible! The progress of scientific discovery and exploration is a flame that burns brightly in our society and underlies our prosperity.

The Search for Earth-like Planets around Alpha Centauri

A small space telescope to be launched into low-Earth orbit. Featuring a special purpose coronagraphic camera that can block the light of nearby stars in order to photograph exoplanets in the habitable zones of our two nearest neighboring stars in Alpha Centauri. If successful, this would be the first time mankind captures a “pale blue dot” image of a planet other than Earth.

Understanding the Tropical Storms of Our Home World

This low Earth orbit satellite mission seeks to observe and measure the evolution of large scale storm systems that develop in the global maritime tropics in order to improve near term weather forecasts and to elevate confidence in longer term climate change predictions.

There and Back Again: Bringing a Piece of Mars Home

A planetary science probe that aims to collect and return the first samples of Martian materials to Earth without the complexity and risk of landing. As the first round trip mission to Mars, this will break new ground at a fraction of the cost of missions that require touching down on the Martian surface, and would set the stage for future visits to Mars by humans. About BoldlyGo Institute

BoldlyGo Institute is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded to address highly compelling scientific questions through new approaches to developing space science missions and dedicated to building and enabling a community of citizens across the globe to take part in these discoveries. Our team is comprised of accomplished leaders in space science, engineering and exploration, with decades of combined experience developing space hardware and flying in space, including in senior leadership positions across NASA.

Presentation of the BoldlyGo Institute,, 2018.


a) Present the text, its source, its target audience and its goal. What is the main theme?

b) What is the main point of view given and how is it transmitted?

c) What is Boldly Institute? Who works in it? What are the main projects?

d) What reason does the institute give for its explorations and missions? What is the aim of it?

e) Explain in your own words what is implied in this sentence: “Spacebased science is a cornerstone for investigating profound questions of our existence and destiny.”

f) How does this text expose a different or a similar point of view to the one presented in the recording?

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Expression écrite

Choisissez un sujet et répondez-y en anglais.

SUJET A : Texte • If you had a million dollars, would you finance the Boldly Go Institute to do their work? Why or why not?

SUJET B : Texte, vidéo •“Space is for everybody. It’s not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That’s our new frontier out there, and it’s everybody’s business to know about space.” - Christa McAuliffe, 1985. Explain this quote using the text to help you.

SUJET C : Vidéo • Would you be prepared to leave everything and to live on a different planet for the rest of your life?

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You can use the following vocabulary to help you answer the subjects.
This idea fascinates me… I hate the idea…
I believe in the project… I think the whole idea is ridiculous…
I don’t know if I would be capable of + V-ing.
I have / don’t have a strong interest in...
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