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Pioneer States?

Activity 3

Pioneer States?

Group 1

California has played a vital role in climate and energy policy for decades. From pioneering energy efficiency initiatives for buildings and appliances nearly half a century ago, to setting the first-in-the-nation tailpipe emissions standards for cars and one of the first statewide renewable electricity standards in 2002, to putting the state at the forefront of climate action with a commitment to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 with Assembly Bill (AB) 32 in 2006, California has helped lead America’s energy policy solutions for a low-carbon future. In recent years, California has renewed its commitment anew with vigorous diplomacy and prolific output of major climate legislation. Perhaps its most impressive accomplishment was the two-thirds legislative supermajority that Governor Jerry Brown assembled to pass AB 398, which extended the state’s cap-and-trade system authority through 2030 – no carbon pricing program has ever garnered such a level of support in a legislative vote or citizen ballot.

Presentation of Energy Innovation’s actions on their official website,

a. Find an equivalent for each of the following words in the document.

1) une (mesure) politique (n., adj.) ➜
2) une loi (n.) ➜
3) voter (une loi) (v.) ➜
4) un scrutin, vote (n.) ➜

b. Pick out other words linked to political action. Why does the text contain so many words from this lexical field?

What actions have been taken by the State of California to fight climate change?

Group 2

Energy Innovation

What does this acronym correspond to? Use the internet if necessary.


Watch the Culture note video. Give two examples of “green” policies and comment on their impact on the economy and the environment.

Group 3

a. What type of magazine is it? Tick the correct answers.

b. What is depicted? What is the link with climate change?

Does the artist present Hawaiians as fighting climate change actively in this document? Why (or why not)?

Building for Climate Change

Groups 1, 2 & 3
Let's recap! Present your document and the actions it describes. How can people act as citizens to fight climate change?

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