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And yet...

Activity 3

And yet...

Group 1

Aboriginal Peoples: fact sheet for Canada and Victimization of Aboriginal people in Canada

Get ready! Choose the correct answer.

1) This document is a

2) It statistics about Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people.
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Use the chart to compare each population group.

Category More Aboriginal people More non-Aboriginal people
Prison population
Employment rate
Post secondary education
Recent victims of violent crime
Heavy drinking
Daily smoking
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What conclusions can you draw regarding health and standards of living for both population groups?

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Group 2

The protesters in northern British Columbia had camped out for days amid bitter cold and deep snow, manning a checkpoint to prevent construction vehicles from entering the territory of the Wet’suwet’en nation. […]

But the dramatic scenes highlighted a broader issue for Canada in 2019: swaths of territory – never signed away by treaty or seized in war – still belong to indigenous nations who are fighting back against resource projects they say they never consented to.

Unlike the rest of the country – where relationships between indigenous groups and the state are governed by treaties – few indigenous nations in British Columbia ever signed deals with colonial authorities, meaning the federal government still operates in a vacuum of authority on their lands, said Gordon Christie, a scholar of indigenous law at the University of British Columbia.“What I see is a long history of the Canadian government doing its best to avoid acknowledging the existence of other systems of government,” he said. […]

In recent months, tensions with indigenous peoples have flared across Canada as energy companies seek to construct projects on and through indigenous lands. Both TransCanada, which is attempting to build the Coastal GasLink pipeline and Kinder Morgan, which was pushing the TransMountain pipeline, have faced fierce opposition from indigenous groups.

“Pipeline battle puts focus on Canada’s disputed right to use indigenous land”, Leyland Cecco, The Guardian, 2019.

Get ready! Find words in the text to match each definition.

1) work at (v.) ➜
2) area, part (n.) ➜
3) accept (v.) ➜
4) absence (n.) ➜
5) professor (n.) ➜
6) recognize (v.) ➜
7) explode, break out (v.) ➜
8) try (v.) ➜
9) strong (adj.) ➜
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Identify the true statements and justify with a quote from the text.

1) Indigenous peoples camp out in the cold and snow for fun.

2) Some companies are trying to build pipelines on land that belongs to Indigenous peoples without their consent.

3) Indigenous peoples own land only in British Columbia.

4) There is no law for Canada to decide how to deal with indigenous land where colonial treaties were not signed.

5) There are tensions over the pipeline projects throughout Canada.

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What is the objective of this document?

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Group 3

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant ici.

word cloud - animation - experience - indigenous - testimony - reconciliation - narrator - residential school

Present the video using as many words from this word cloud as possible

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Say whether these statements are true or false. Justify with a key word from the video.

1) Indigenous children were not separated from other family members.

2) Being in a residential school had a severe impact on the children’s health.

3) Canada did nothing to make up for the harm done to Indigenous peoples.

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Pick out three figures, and say what they correspond to.



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Rephrase in your own words what Justice Murray Sinclair meant by “Canada, you have committed cultural genocide.”

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a. What is the tone of this video?


b. What is the objective of this video?

call for action
account for his culture
give hope

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Groups 1, 2 & 3
Let's recap! Use these elements to present the document to the class.

Useful vocabulary: This document shows / illustrates that... It deals with… It highlights the fact that... The comparison is striking because… The issue is still very present since... The living conditions were appalling as… This document promotes… It denounces….

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