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Our People, Cultures and Languages

Activity 1

Our People, Cultures and Languages

Get ready! Look at the title of the activity, which is the motto of New Zealand. What do you think the video will be about?

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Watch the video.
a. Tick the words you hear in the video.

b. True or false?

1) The traditional Maori dance is the Joonba.

2) The New Zealand government wants to implement Maori language classes in schools.

3) Ella Henry is disappointed with the government reform.
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a. Pick out the numbers you hear in the video. What do they refer to?

b. Pick out other information and classify it in this table.

Past Present Future
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What message does the journalist want to convey? What is his tone?

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Let's recap! Can the government influence the culture of a country and inspire unity amongst its population?

Useful vocabulary: I think the most important role of the government is... I believe governments have a great/no impact on how people... Unity within a population is a matter of... In New Zealand, for example, the government...

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