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Multicultural New Zealand

Unit 12

Multicultural New Zealand

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Get ready! Listen to the words in the word cloud and pick out the ones you expect to hear in the video.

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Watch the first video
a. Pick out figures and say what they refer to.

b. True or false? Justify with keywords if you can.

1) The British Empire wanted to colonise New Zealand.

2) There were only Brits and Maori in New Zealand at that time.

3) The Maori asked the British Empire for protection against increasing disorder.

4) There were translation problems in the treaty.
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Watch the second video
a. To what extent is New Zealand different from the other Commonwealth countries?

b. Pick out the adjectives you hear. What does it reveal about the tone of the speaker?
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    Let's recap! Prepare a timeline to be presented orally, explaining how the Treaty of Waitangi contributed to the foundation of the nation. Define the terms “Pakeha” and “Maori”.

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