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Thoughts From the Artists

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Activity 3

Thoughts From the Artists

Get ready! Find an equivalent in the quotes for each of the following words.

1) défis ➜
2) durabilité ➜
3) une préoccupation ➜
4) un espace fini ➜
5) l’échelle ➜
6) démontrer ➜
7) consommé ➜
8) vital ➜
9) échecs ➜
10) consommation ➜
11) bercer ➜
12) immortel ➜
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Voir les réponses

Who said it?

1) “We use a LOT of plastic and this needs to be shown.”
2) “Scientists and artists have a different way of seeing how society operates.”
3) “Art and science should work together to help people understand the importance of ecology.”
4) “There are more and more people in a small space, so we need to think about how this is going to work.”
5) “Our usage and waste is sad, funny, pretty and complex at the same time.”
6) “We think we’ll be here forever, but we won’t.”
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Let's recap! Do you agree that art can be as important as science in helping us to understand the importance of ecology? Can eco-art help change the world?

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