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Exhibition Corner

Activity 4

Exhibition Corner

a. Look at the picture. Imagine why the artist, Paulo Grangeon, decided to place hundreds of pandas in this space.

b. Then go to to find out what the pandas are made of, what they represent, and why they are touring the world. Take notes to explain to the class.
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a. Pick another eco-artist from the selection (or of your choice). Search online to learn more about her or his life and work. Select three works of art created by her or him.

Material used:
Type of art:
Cause she or he fights for:
Famous works:

b. What makes her or him a conscious artist?

c. How does she or he make the message effective?
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Let's recap! Present the artist and her or his work(s). Does it appeal to you? Would you put her or his work in your home? Why? Or why not?

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