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Digital Passports At Risk...

Unit B

Digital Passports At Risk...


Get ready!
a. Look at the word cloud and find the word corresponding to each phonetic transcription. Then listen to check.

ex 1 a.

1) /ˌɪndɪˈvɪdjʊəl/
2) /ˈdɛɪtə/
3) /ˈhækəz/
4) /ˈkɒmprəmaɪz/

b. With the help of the title and the words above, guess what the video is about.

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a. Watch the video
. Pick out the different forms of ID used in real life.

b. True or false? Tick the correct answer.

1) The problem is multiplied by our online and offline interactions.

2) Our data isn’t stored.

3) People want more data contro.

4) Companies main concern is financial.

5) The narrator is optimistic at the end.
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a. What are the solutions to protect digital identity?

b. What is the goal of the video? Choose the right answer(s) and justify.

    Goal(s) of the video Justification
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    Let's recap! Explain why our digital identity is at risk on the Internet. What can we do to protect it?

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