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Sharing a Better Planet?

Activity 2

Sharing a Better Planet?

word cloud

Get ready!

a. Look at this word cloud. Listen and make sure you can pronounce each word correctly.
word cloud
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b. Pick out the words corresponding to the following definitions.
1) a factory where energy is generated (n.) ➜
2) awareness (n.) ➜
3) action of keeping things (n.) ➜
4) merit (v.) ➜
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a. Watch the video. Present the document (type / source / theme).

b. Pick out keywords for each part of the video.

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V

c. Look at the following numbers and say what they refer to.

1) 20 % ➜
2) 2020 ➜
3) twentieth ➜
4) 2014 ➜

d. What is the tone of the document? How does it inspire the viewer to feel?

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Let's recap! Sum up, then give your personal opinion: is collaboratively producing and sharing electricity a good idea? Could it be possible?

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