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Startup Corner

Activity 3

Startup Corner

Get ready!

a. Look at the three logos and imagine what each startup does, then associate them with a slogan.




    b. Go online to find out if your hypotheses were right or wrong.
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    Find information online about one of these British startups or another one of your choice. Pick out information to describe what the company does and how it works.

    About the startup (creation date, location) What it does How it works Potential clients
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    What is special about this startup or this product?

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    Let's recap! Present your startup. Do you recommend it? Why or why not?

    Useful vocabulary: This startup is… It was created by… in… Its goal is to… by… I would / would not recommend it because… I think it is a great initiative as it… I think it would work better if… I believe that it’s a great way to reduce / save…

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