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May I Borrow This?

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Unit C

May I Borrow This?

word cloud

Get ready! Match each word in the word cloud with its definition.

  • 14) economise
  • 2) diminish
  • 7) take part in
  • 10) say that you share the same opinion
  • 8) people who take part in something
  • 15) a stock or supply of something
  • 5) put together in a kitty
  • 12) government officials and members of parliament
  • 9) object
  • 4) possess
  • 13) have a portion of something with other people
  • 11) diminish
  • 3) the action of helping or doing work for someone
  • 1) people who do not (yet) participate in the service
  • 6) time regarded as still to come
future ➜
decrease ➜
participate ➜

resource ➜
service ➜
users ➜

agree ➜
non-users ➜
pool ➜

save ➜
own ➜
item ➜

share ➜
authorities ➜
reduce ➜
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Voir les réponses

a. Watch the video. True or false?

1) This video is an animated video dealing with the global sharing economy.

2) A minority of people in the UK use the sharing economy.

b. Pick out keywords to complete each category.

What can you share? Why (objectives)?
What for (consequences)?
Who shares?

c. “Get the authorities on your side in the sharing economy”. Explain in your own words what is implied in this sentence.
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Let's recap! What is the sharing economy?
Answer the opening question of the video: is the sharing economy the future?

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