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Thème 1 : Back to school!
Ch. 0
Prologue: Back-to-school Selfie
Ch. 1
Your choice, your voice!
Thème 2 : Around the world!
Ch. 2
Let's hit the road!
Ch. 3
The Food Truck Project
Thème 3 : Through time
Ch. 4
Be the change!
Ch. 5
Let's swing!
Thème 4 : About Stories
Ch. 6
Love to Death!
Ch. 7
Usual suspects!
Thème 5 : Speak up!
Ch. 8
Art or Vandalism?
Ch. 9
We stand as one
Cultural spots

Think about it

Langue : je maitrise les codes de la langue.

Workbook p. 126

Mission 1

Numbers and figures

Do the math.

1.  Eight hundred and forty‑two minus sixtythree point eight equals

2.  1/2 + 1/4 =

3.  619,000 + 2.3 =

4.  Twelve times ten minus fifteen divided by five equals
65.3 million sixty-five → point three million
33,972 → thirty-three thousand nine hundred and seventy-two
54% → fifty-four percent

+ plus
- minus
÷ divided by
× multiplied by/times
= equals

¼one fourth, one quarter,
⅓ one third,
½ half,
¾ three fourths, three quarters

Making a hypothesis

Match the modal verb phrases with the sentence that shows the degree of certainty.

can't be
might be
may be
could be
must be
will be
Can't be → 0% certainty
Might be → 25%
Could be → 75%
Must be → 95%

Mission 2

Future predictions

Make predictions for a better future.

1.  wars → end
2.  people → fight
3.  the problem of homelessness → disappear
Will + BV ≠ won't + BV

Expressing hypothetical future

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb.

1.  If we
(talk) more about the problem, more people
(think) of a solution.

2.  If we
(can) erase borders, people
(live) where they wanted.

3.  If everyone
(have) access to safe water, people
(not become) so sick.

4.  If we
(stop) fighting, there
(be) no more wars.
If + past simple… would + BV

Will vs would

Choose between will and would to show probable vs. certain future.

1.  If we study more, we
have better results.

2.  If it rained less, we
ride our bikes to school.

3.  If the school closed, we
not be able to study

4.  If our teacher is off sick, we
have a free class period.
If + past + would → possible future
If + present + will → certain future

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