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A hero like no other!


A hero like no other!

Today you can...

     compare people and actions,
     ask elaborate questions,
     recount present and past events.

Tomorrow you will...

     describe someone’s abilities,
     tell a past story,
     talk about two past events,
    ✈️ learn about (extra)ordinary heroes.

What's your definition of a superhero?

What's your definition of a superhero?

Poem about heroes

Poem about heroes

Audio guide

Audio guide

Mission 1

Create your own ordinary comic strip

  • React to a film poster.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Describe a frontpage.

Mission 2

Play the 2 Truths 1 Lie Challenge

  • React to a cartoon.
  • Read an article.
  • Watch a video report.

Final Challenge

Role play an interview

  • Act out an interview.
  • Write a “You are the Hero” book.
  • Present a TV report.
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