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Back to school!

Mission 2

Back to school!


Écrire et réagir à l'écrit : j'écris pour raconter et décrire.

Did you know?

In UK schools, there is an assembly in the morning. Pupils listen to important news and stories. In the USA, pupils often have to look at the US flag and recite “The Pledge of Allegiance”. What about your school?

Exercice 1 : Happy or not?

Describe the document. What can you see?

Describe their emotions.

Imagine the reason why their attitude changes.

Which objects do you need for maths? Geography? Arts? PE (sport)? Write lists.

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Day trip

Exercice 2 : Ready or not?

Look at the picture. What do you think it is about?

Listen. What is their conversation about?

Identify the characters, their age and their feelings.

List the objects and the clothes mentioned.

Roleplay the conversation.
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Ready or not?

Ready or not?

ready or not?

Exercice 3 : Is back to school cool?

Read and identify the type of text. How do you recognise it?

Pick out words you know and classify them into categories. You can create a mind map.

Which text is positive? Which text is negative? Explain.

Debate. Which text do you prefer?

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School again

There is no time to play!
It’s school again!
Let’s count to ten!
Oh yeah, it’s a good day!

It’s time to start,
We all look smart,
New uniform, blazer and shirt,
Trousers, shorts and tie or skirt!

New equipment,
It’s so pleasant!
My new backpack
Is on my back!

New pencils, books and glue,
And a brand new hairdo!
Hello new friends,
The summer ends!

And I can say,
I’m happy today,
‘Cause back to school
Is really cool!


School again

There is no time to play!
It's school again!
Let's count to ten!
Oh no, it's a bad day!

Shopping for school
Is not so cool!
It's time to cry,
I hate my tie!

Goodbye trainers,
Hello blazers,
My school emblem is horrible,
And I don't like my timetable!

My new backpack
Is heavy on my back,
I hate homework,
I hate teamwork!

So I can say,
I'm sad today,
'Cause back to school
Is really cruel!



There is and there are

Observe: There is a car. There are 2 children.

Think: When do you use “there is” or “there are”?

Practise: What’s in your pencil case?

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Pronounce the final "s"


Friends, shorts, lunchboxes.


Stutter: so many ties, hats and blouses in shops and so many books in the libraries.

School again, It’s time to learn.

School again, It’s time to learn.

Short poem

Use Padlet and write a short poem entitled “School again!” for a poetry competition.

How far can you go?

A1 I can imitate the examples in a short poem. 
A1+ I can describe my personal back-to-school kit.
A2 I can describe my feelings.
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