Anglais Cycle 4
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Thème 1 : Back to school!
Ch. 1
My school, my rules!
Ch. 2
Your choice, your voice!
Ch. 3
Act and react!
Thème 2 : Around the world!
Ch. 4
A visit to Emerald Isle!
Ch. 5
Highlands Fair Play!
Ch. 6
Let's hit the road!
Ch. 7
The Food Truck Project
Ch. 8
Piki mai, kake mai!
Ch. 9
Dream job: now casting!
Thème 3 : Through time!
Ch. 10
Bucket list
Ch. 11
Pardon my French!
Ch. 12
Be the change!
Ch. 13
Let's swing!
Ch. 14
Ancient wisdom
Ch. 15
I want to break free!
Thème 4 : About stories!
Ch. 16
Arthur, Lady G. & Co.!
Ch. 17
Once upon a time in Bollywood!
Ch. 18
Love to Death!
Ch. 19
Usual suspects!
Ch. 20
Indigenous myths!
Ch. 21
Star-crossed lovers!
Thème 5 : Speak up!
Ch. 22
Think before you post!
Ch. 23
We stand as one
Ch. 24
The World in One City!
Cultural spots
Mission 1

So addicted!

Réagir et dialoguer : je participe à une conversation.

Workbook p. 120

Did you know?

92% of teens go online daily! Almost 75% of them have access to a smartphone. Amongst the most popular social networks, Facebook comes first, then Instagram and Snapchat come second. Are you an Internet addict?

Mr or Mrs Geek?

Mr. Geek & Mrs. Geek
Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.
Crédits : Steven Anderson/DR

1. on the word “geek”.
2. Describe the . Focus on their attitude. Imagine their habits.
Do you think they look cool? Why?

You're always on Snapchat!

You're always on Snapchat!
Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.

1. Look at the . Who is the woman? How does she look? Try to guess what she is thinking.
2. Now, . What is Jamala doing?
3. Why is her mother upset?
4. What's Jamala's point of view?
Pair work
What should Jamala do? What shouldn't she do?

How often?

Online survey
Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.

1. What type of is it?
2. What is it about? Spot verbs and words related to the Internet.
3. Answer the questions. Make sentences.
4. 5 new questions to survey your classmates!



Do you use the Internet? Where do you go online from?

Up or down? Yell! Do you often surf the web? Which connected objects do you have?


Present BE + V-ing

Observe: You're always complaining! You're getting on my nerves.

Think: Spot the verbs. Identify the aspect. What's the role of BE + V‑ing?

Practise: Make five (positive or negative) comments to Jamala.

Roleplay a conversation between parents and children

Use and role play a family conversation between parents and children about the use of social media.

How far can you go?

I can make positive or negative remarks.
I can also use adverbs of frequency.
I can try to convince my family.

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