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Breaking news!

Mission 2

Breaking news!

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Summoned to the palace

Summoned to the palace

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Did you know?

1. Whose love story is unforgettable? Shakespeare and his wife’s, Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio’s or Romeo and Juliet’s?
2. Where do most Bollywood films take place? In the USA, in France or in India? 
3. Which musical was inspired by Romeo and Juliet? The Lion King, West Side Story or The Ten Commandments?

What if

Observe : If Romeo had not killed him, Tybalt would be preparing for Juliet’s wedding. If Romeo had trusted justice, Tybalt would be in prison.

Réfléchis : Combien d’actions sont évoquées dans chacune des phrases ci-dessus ? Quelle action est une condition de l’autre ? La partie de phrase avec if HAD + V-en ou la partie de phrase avec would ?

Conclus : Avec « If ...+ ... , ... », celui qui parle peut imaginer une autre issue possible ... les choses s’étaient passées ... .



Listen: Enough, through, tough, dough, bought.

Réfléchis : Repère les deux « ough » prononcés /ʌf/, puis le « ough » prononcé /uː/, puis le « ough » prononcé /əʊ/, et enfin le « ough » prononcé /ɔː/. Y a-t-il une règle ?



Répète : I bought a tough doughnut, I’ve had enough!

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Mission 2

What will you include in your frontpage?

Choose your level:

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Exercice 1 : Dark omen

Fill in the blanks to better understand what is at stake.

This document is the of the newspaper published on . The headline is . In a nutshell, the article deals with .

Assemble these pieces of sentences to write a summary of the Verona Times article.

  • But as
  • Finally,
  • On Sunday,
  • Then,
  • trying to restore peace.
  • was looking for Romeo.
  • broke out.
  • has disappeared.
  • between the two clans.
  • Romeo was mad with rage.
  • After that,
  • First,
a fight started
Mercutio died,
Romeo arrived,
a fatal brawl
Juliet’s lover

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Exercice 2 : Summoned to the palace

Listen and choose the correct answer.

a) Who are the gentlemen on each side of Prince Escalus? (Police lieutenants. / Romeo’s and Juliet’s fathers. / Tybalt and Mercutio.)
b) What does Mr Capulet accuse Romeo of? (Having kissed Juliet at the ball. / Having killed Juliet’s future husband, Count Paris. / Having killed Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt.)
c) Who witnessed and reported everything that happened? (Mercutio. / Benvolio. / Romeo. / Tybalt.) 
d) How does Romeo’s father justify Romeo’s actions? (Romeo has psychological problems. / Romeo didn’t like Tybalt. / The murder was just revenge.)
e) Why is Prince Escalus funny? (He wants an invite to Juliet’s wedding. / He can’t decide what to do. / He offers to dance at Juliet’s wedding.)

Reorder these words to imagine what would happen if Romeo decided to reappear.

a) back / Verona / by / police / would / he / Romeo / be / came / to / the / arrested / If / , → 
b) she / again, / If / happy / very / Juliet / her / be / saw / would / husband / , / . → 

Romeo enters the room in the middle of the meeting. Imagine the dialogue!

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Exercice 3 : Doomed!

Which part of the scene stands out?

Look at the painting again and imagine what happened. Complete the sentences.

a) In the foreground, .
b) In the bottom-right corner, .
c) On the left-hand side, .
d) In the middle, .
e) In the background, .

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