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Scandalous Verona!

Mission 1

Scandalous Verona!

Did you know?

1. US tabloids were created in
2. What type of story are readers particularly interested in?

Impossible love

Observe this picture. Why is the young man hiding? Tick your hypotheses.
<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp>

Read the text and fill in the blanks with the correct answers.
<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 2</stamp>
    - I'm Juliet
    - I'm romeo
    - The problem is that

    Juliet just saw Romeo from her balcony. Imagine the missing pieces of your version of the balcony scene and prepare to play your part in front of the class.

    Juliet Who art thou, hiding in the dark?
    Juliet Can thou imagine if
    Romeo I am not scared, I 
    Juliet O Romeo, what 
    Romeo I have an idea! Let's
    Juliet Yes, send me a messenger in the morning to tell me the details. Romeo I will. I 

    A dispatch

    Look at the notification and guess what happened. Select the correct answer.
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    Listen to the audio file and tick the correct answer.
    A dispatch

    a) Who told the press that Romeo loved Juliet? (Romeo. /Friar Laurence. / Mr and Mrs Capulet. / We don't know.)
    b) Who saw Romeo and Juliet kiss? (Nobody. / An anonymous witness. / Juliet's cousin, Tybalt.)
    c) Who said Romeo was a villain? (Juliet's cousin, Tybalt. / Juliet's nurse. / Juliet's father.)
    d) Who said Verona's youths were rebellious subjects? (Romeo's father. / Juliet's father. / The Prince. / Friar Laurence.)
    e) Who thinks it is good news that Juliet and Romeo love each other? (Romeo's parents. / Juliet's nurse. / Friar Laurence.)

    Listen again. For each person, state whether or not you think they are the anonymous witness. Give one or two arguments to support your opinion.

    Probably 👍 Probably not 👎
    Mercutio (Romeo's best friend)
    Tybalt (Juliet's cousin)
    Lady Capulet
    Juliet's nurse

    Imagine what would happen if Juliet's family knew all about their love story. Associate the beginning of each sentence with its endings.
      If Juliet's father knew about Romeo and Juliet,
      If Juliet could escape her nurse's surveillance,
      If the families had not started a feud a long time ago,
      If Juliet's nurse saw Romeo under Juliet's balcony,
      If Romeo had not been to the ball,


      Old English


      Listen: I love thee Romeo. Thou art not a villain!

      Réfléchis : Relève les mots en vieil anglais puis prononce-les : /ðiː/ , /ðaʊ/ , /ɑːt/ , /ˈvɪlən/ .


      Répète : Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?


      A reporter interviewed the paparazzi who took the picture of the kiss. Use was/were + V-ing to complete these sentences.
      <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 5</stamp>

      Reporter: Sir, you are the paparazzi who took this photo. What (you / do) at the Capulets' mansion?
      Paparazzi: Well, I (cover) the ball for the Verona Mirror, and I was surprised to see Romeo. Later, I (take) a picture of Juliet's parents when Romeo suddenly kissed Juliet's hand. It was so surprising that I followed him. They had stars in their eyes when they (speak) to each other. A few seconds later, I adjusted my camera and they (kiss). It was soooo romantic!

      Listen to the editorial meetings and sort the words you hear in the Verona Times meeting and the ones in the Verona Mirror meeting.
        Verona Times meeting 📰 Verona Mirror meeting 🗞️

        Write tomorrow's headlines for the two papers.

        Verona Times :
        Verona Mirror :


        Was / were + V-ing

        Observe : I was drinking champagne when I saw them kiss.

        Réfléchis :
        Note l'action en cours et relève l'événement qui est venu l'interrompre.

        Conclus :
        Was/were + V-ing s'utilise pour un évènement déjà en dans le .

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