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Star-crossed lovers!

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Star-crossed lovers!

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Get ready

Read the question: "Why do people love to read about celebrities and their love stories?". Note the two things people love to read about. Complete the following table.

This is where people can read about celebrities.
Note the possible reasons for this curiosity, stupidity, intelligence, identification, craziness, ignorance

Complete these sentences to better understand what this chapter is about.
  • star-crossed lovers
  • newspapers
  • private
  • people
  • Juliet
  • Romeo
  • Shakespeare
In this chapter, we will discuss the story of
, a play which was written by
. Their story has always fascinated
, maybe because they identify with the
. Today, stars have their
lives exposed in
 and on the web.

Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.

Can you name three famous couples? What are they well-known for?
+ Star-crossed lovers

Check with this table what you already know.

Today, can you... Prove it! 🙂 🙁
recount a past event?
Last week, on TV,
talk about what is or isn’t allowed? Journalists must
They shouldn’t
make hypotheses about the future? If paparazzi stop following famous people,
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Observe and listen

Describe the poster. 💡 Tip: Comment on the title, the foreground / background, the costumes...
Graphique lié à l'exercice 1

Look at the picture and answer the questions.

a) How would you describe the style of this poster? (Sober / Balanced / Rich)
b) What does Juliet’s costume say about her?  (She has superpowers. / She is like an angel. / She has a brave heart.)
c) What does Romeo’s costume say about him? (He is like a brave knight. / He is rich. / He is violent and always fights.)

Listen to the audio guide and decide if you would like to watch this film or not. In turns, give your arguments.
Audio guide

Thumb up 👍 Thumb down 👎
I would like to watch it because… I wouldn’t like to watch it because…
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Let’s have fun

Listen to the audio. Note down the stressed syllables for these words.

a) Households. →
b) Alike. →
c) Ancient. →
d) Civil. →
e) Unclean. →
f) Fatal. →
g) Parents. →
h) Remove. →

Find homophones for these words in the text.

a) Seen → 
b) Hole → 
c) Pear → 
d) Berry → 
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Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Extract from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;

Whose misadventured piteous overthrows

Do with their death bury their parents’ strife.
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