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Happy Birthday America!

Cultural spots

Happy Birthday America!

Did you know?

1. What do the stars on the American flag correspond to?
2. Why was the President of Australia greeted with the New Zealand flag on a visit to Canada?
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Find five words from the infographic.

a) A form of government in which power is shared between a central government and individual states.
b) A New England state.
c) The hottest season.
d) A day of rest: you don’t have to work!
e) The head of the country. 
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Write these numbers and dates in letters.

a) 2nd
b) 3th
c) 56 ➝
d) 11th
e) 28th
f) 1776 ➝
g) 1801 ➝
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Read and find the odd one out in each series.

a) Loudly. / Popping. / Drums. / Waving. → 
b) Glory. / Flash. / Great. / Celebrate. / Proudly. → 
c) Sky. / Country. / Nation. / Flag. → 

Sort the words associated with sound from those related to colours.

    Sound Colours
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    Fill in the mindmap with what you need to organize a party.

    Music 🎵 Food & drink 🍔
    🎉 My July 4th party 🎈
    Games ⚽ Decorations 🎀

    Complete these sentences to organize your party.

    a) With stencils, I can decorate .
    b) With toilet papers rolls, I could .
    c) To make confetti, I .
    d) With balloons, you .
    e) Why not use candles to ?
    f) I'll put the flag on .
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    Up to you!

    A2 I am organising a party for Independence Day next Saturday. Would you like to come?
    A2+ We will play… I am preparing a playlist.
    Vers B1 Will you please bring…?
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