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Cracking the case!

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Mission 2

Cracking the case!

Did you know?

1. Columbo was a TV detective.
2. Being a detective requires lots of skills.
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Let’s recap!

Look at the board. How many mistakes can you find?

Victim: Brian O'Neill Clues Suspects Witnesses
- male
- 30
- married to Megan O'Neill
- policeman
- always worked late
- gun found next to the body
- messy apartment: papers everywher -> fight?
- fingerprints
- no footprints
- Megan O'Neill, 28: victim's wife missing
- Kat Perry, 84: victim's neighbour. Fond of snakes. Was watching TV.
- Ryan Bosling, 28: victim's neighbour. Was texting his friend Julia
- a smoker?
- a jogger?
No reliable witnesses.
Kat Perry saw someone smoking and someone running in the street, she heard people fighting.
Ryan Bosling heard loud noises.

Write your own recap of the investigation with the correct information.

Victim 🔪 Suspects 👿
Case n °73
Clues 🔍 Witnesses 👀

Present your report on the suspects. Add three mistakes to trick your classmates! Use the past simple and the past BE + V-ing.

There are suspects: the wife and the neighbours. The wife mysteriously . Mrs Perry TV when she a loud bang. She also saw someone who . Ryan Bosling his friend on the phone when the victim .
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A mysterious letter

Read the letter carefully: what does it say? Justify by quoting the text.

Megan O’Neill, English Professor 
at the University of London 
Malet Street, London 

March 6th

Dear Detective Logan,

I am Megan O’Neill and I know that you are investigating my husbband’s murder. I was in the apartment when Brian was shot ded. I now that I look suspicious to you because I disappeared but I promise I did not kille my husband.

I hearrd some noisse coming from the living room but at first I didn’t realise that he was being atacked. Then I heard a gunshot so I ran away as quickly as possible, as discrreetly as possibl. Please belive me, I loved Brian very mutch and I’m devastated.


a) She wasn’t there when Brian was killed. (Right. / Wrong.) 

b) She heard a big noise and ran away. (Right. / Wrong.) 

c) She killed her husband. (Right. / Wrong.) 

d) She’s happy that he is dead. (Right. / Wrong.) 

Unscramble these words from Megan’s letter.

a) u / b / s / h / d / a / n / ➝
b) a / e / d / d / ➝
c) n / k / w / o / ➝
d) l / i / l / k / ➝ 
e) d / r / a / h / e / ➝
f) d / a / t / a / c / k / e / t / ➝
g) s / o / s / i / b / e / l / p / ➝
h) e / l / b / e / v / i / e / ➝

Answer the following questions.

a) What’s Megan’s job?
b) What’s strange about her letter?

Listen for synonyms of these words in the audio.

A mysterious letter

a) audio cassette ➝ 
b) scared ➝
c) discovered ➝
d) looks ➝
e) make allegations about ➝
d) place confidence in ➝

Who is your prime suspect after analysing this new evidence? Why?

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Who's the culprit?

Recap. Make hypotheses about the murderer.

  • ran fast.
  • has an alibi.
  • was outside.
  • is hiding.
  • was watching TV.
Suspects Characteristics
Megan O’ Neill
Mrs Kat Perry
Ryan Bosling
A smoker
A jogger

Can you encode these words using a Caesar cipher? 💡 Tip: was ➝ vzr; were ➝ afsf.

a) Brian ➝
b) detective ➝ 
c) murder ➝ 

Can you decrypt this sentence using Caesar ciphers? → Sgd uhbshl vzr Aqhzm N’Mdhkk.💡 Tip: zoo ➝ app; to ➝ up.

Decode the letter and crack the case.

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 5</stamp>

Give your conclusions about the case.

Brian O’Neill’s murderer is . The victim was killed on the by . The murderer killed him because .
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Prétérit BE + V-ing


Listen: Investigation, suspicious, initial, intellectual.

Réfléchis : Repère la syllabe accentuée dans chacun des mots. Que remarques-tu ?


Répète : Information - mysterious - official - conflictual.
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Prétérit BE + V-ing

Observe : She was watching TV when she heard a noise. What were you doing when the victim died?

Réfléchis : Repère les auxiliaires. Les verbes qui les suivent sont à la forme ,

Distingue les autres verbes : sont-ils à la forme  

Conclus : Pour parler de circonstances au , on utilise l’auxiliaire au avec les verbes en . On interrompt ces circonstances avec une action exprimée au .
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Mission 2

You have to...

Choose your role:

Choose your level:

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