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Bonfire night

Cultural spots

Bonfire night

Did you know?

1. What is a bonfire? A good fire in the forest, a large controlled fire outside or a barbecue party.
2. Which celebration of light takes place in summer? St John’s bonfires in France, Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights or The “Fête des Lumières” in Lyon.
3. Bonfire Night is celebrated in the USA. Right. Wrong.
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Match the letter with the corresponding description.

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Guy Fawkes




Listen to the recording. Complete the crossword with the help of the definitions to find words you just heard in the audio.

Bonfire night

a) In the barrels. .
b) Guy’s religion. .
c) Soldier’s weapon to pierce his enemy. .
d) The other conspirators. .
e) Guy’s family name. .
f) There were thirty-six of them. .
g) The “house” Guy wanted to destroy. .
h) Help the stupid soldier. Answer his question! .
i) The King Guy hated. .
j) This is how the Catholics felt. .

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Read the lawyer’s letter and complete the text with these words.

London, November 6th, 1605 Edward Crook, Esq. 12 High Street London W8 5SA

Dear Mr Guy Fawkes,

I am your lawyer, appointed to represent you in court. I will come to see you tomorrow in prison to prepare your defence.

Get ready to list the facts. I need to know who your accomplices are, what you did and when you did it. Were there any other attacks planned?

See you tomorrow. Good luck.

Crook Ed.

    Guy’s lawyer’s name is really
    means twisted, or corrupt: the opposite of
    in fact! Do you think Guy Fawkes has a
    to escape the King’s
    with this man’s

    Write Guy Fawkes’s answer to his lawyer Ed Crook.
    💡 Tip: Use the simple past to tell the story: We conspired… I bought the gunpowder...

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    Pick out the words you heard in the video.

    EnglishClass101/Innovative Language Learning/DR

    Unscramble these sentences, adding capital letters and punctuation where needed.

    a) onguyfawkesdayenglishkidsmakearagdollguy ➝
    b) theygofromdoortodoortoaskforapennyfortheguy ➝
    c) withthemoneytheycollecttheybuyfirecrackers ➝

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    Up to you!

    A2 – Open the door! – Oh, no! They found me!
    A2+ – By order of his Majesty King James, open that door! – What’s this noise? Oh, no! They found me!
    B1 – By order of his Majesty King James, open that door! We know you are here! There is no escape! – What’s this noise? Oh, no! They found me! What am I going to do?
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