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Pardon my French!


Pardon my French!

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Audio guide

Audio guide

Poem about the Norman invasion

Poem about the Norman invasion

Doc. 4

With no prince sons, no daughters too, the problem with
the whole thing
Was who to put into that place, to be poor England’s new King [...]
The nextmost day, for one brave soul, the rule of England beckoned
As Godwinson, the Wessex Earl, became Harold the Second
But Harold wasn’t all alone, in wanting to be royal
His namesake from the Viking land was feeling quite disloyal
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Exercice 1 : Get ready

Read the question: "How did a French conquest change the future of an entire kingdom?". Write down the verb, the adjectives and the nouns.

Match the synonyms.

  • transform
  • victory
  • country / nation
  • full / total

Guess what the “Entire Kingdom” can be.

Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.

When do you say sorry? “Pardon my French but you are as dumb (stupid) as a rock.” The expression in bold is used to say something...
Pardon nice, romantic or bad ?
Spot the French word. What’s the English translation? my French!

Among these English words, click on the ones of French origin.

Check with this table what you already know.

Today, can you… Prove it! 🙂 🙁
recount past events with regular verbs? Yesterday, I...
describe a picture? On page ..., I can see...
give dates? I was born on ..., in the year...

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Exercice 2 : Observe and listen

This statue represents William the Conqueror in battle. Answer these questions about William.

a) His victory in England was named “The Norman Conquest” because (he beat King Norman at Hastings / he was from Normandy).
b) After the Conquest, William took the throne of England. What does “throne” mean? (The King’s helmet / The King’s chair).

Now, listen to the audio. Click on the words you hear that are associated with family.

Listen to the audio again. Use the words you highlighted to correct the following text.

a) William the Conqueror was the Robert I’s grandchild. ➝
b) King Edward’s father was William’s grandmother’s boyfriend. ➝ &
c) Harold Godwin was Edward’s father-in-law. ➝ 

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Exercice 3 : Let’s have fun

Many English words have the same spelling as French words, but different pronunciations. Repair 3 examples. Then choose one of these words and write it in phonetics below.💡 Tips: You can use Example: prince → /prɪns/

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