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Trooping the Colour in London

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Trooping the Colour in London

Did you know?

1. Elizabeth II is Queen of England, Great Britain or the United Kingdom?
2. She became Queen thirty years before. Right. Wrong.
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Complete the sentences with the following words.

    Elizabeth II was born on
    21, 1926 but her birthday is celebrated in
    , in the hope that the
    is better. The Queen is
    because she has
    birthdays! The military ceremony is called

    Find the odd one out in each list.

    a) Prince. / King. / Queen. / Maid. / Princess. → 
    b) Witch. / Soldier. / Guard. / Trooper. → 

    You’re going to decorate the Queen’s Birthday Cake! Follow the instructions.

    a) Use the colours of the British flag (not including white) to write ‘Happy Birthday’ in the centre. 
    b) Add the Queen’s age in the top left corner. Use the colour of the guards’ hats. 
    c) Now add her date of birth in the bottom right corner. Use the colour of a London bus. 

    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp>
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    Fill with the correct answers.

    a) What is the title of Britain’s national anthem? (God Save the Queen / We Will Rock You / We All Love the Queen).
    b) What kind of transport is not a part of Trooping the Colour? (Riding a horse / Marching / Ice skating).

    Look at the picture. Correct the mistakes in these sentences.

    <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 2</stamp>

    a) The Queen is holding Princess Charlotte.➝
    b) Prince Harry is standing in front of his brother. ➝
    c) The Queen’s husband is sitting next to her. ➝
    d) Princess Kate is wearing a pink helmet. ➝
    e) Prince William is on the left of the picture. ➝ 

    Put the letters in order to describe the emotions.

    a) The Queen looks so p / y / p / a / h
    b) Charlotte is t / e / x / d / i / c / e
    c) The Guards are a little s / u / n / o / v / e / r
    d) Prince George looks r / i / d / e / t
    e) After 64 years, Prince Philip is r / e / b / o / d of this ceremony! ➝ 

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    Watch the video and fill with the right answers.

    Queen Elizabeth II

    News World/Youtube/DR

    a) Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeth’s (brother / husband / father).
    b) The Queen is Prince Charles’s (mother / grandmother / great-grandmother).
    c) Princess Charlotte and Prince George are the Queen’s (kids / grandchildren / great-grandchildren).
    d) Princess Charlotte is Prince George’s (aunt / sister / cousin).

    Use numbers from the video to answer these questions.

    a) The Queen’s age 90 + The number of children she has 4 = 94.
    b) Her age when she became Queen: - The number of visits to the USA: = .
    c) How many grandchildren she has: + The number of years she has been married: = .
    d) The number of Prime Ministers during her reign: x The number of birthday celebrations she has each year: .

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    Up to you !

    A1 Happy birthday!!
    A1+ How are you? How is…?
    A2 Do you like…? How do you feel about?
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