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George the Dragon Slayer?


George the Dragon Slayer?

Get ready

Match the response to the question.

    What does two and two make?
    What colours make pink?
    What ingredients make a cake?

    Read the question:"What makes a hero?". Fill in the sentence with the words below.

      This uses the verb ‘make’ to ask about the that we find in a hero. We should think about of heroes - why are they ?

      Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.

      What does ‘St’ mean when we see ‘St George’? How do you pronounce it? How can you describe a draggableon?
      George the
      Some heroes kill monsters - can you name other examples?
      Dragon Slayer? What do you need to kill a draggableon (qualities, objects)?

      Check with this table what you already know.

      Today, can you... Prove it! 🙂 🙁
      share your opinion? I think draggableons are
      talk about your habits? On Saturday, I usually
      describe people? My best friend has
      describe past situations? In the past, the King of France
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      Observe and listen

      Complete the questions about the statue.

      <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp>

      a)  is the man on the horse? It’s St George.
      b) is he ? He is killing a draggableon.
      c) is the statue located? It’s in Scotland.

      Complete the table. Then, listen to the audio guide and try to find the countries or nationalities.

      Country Nationality

      Audio guide

      Correct these false statements with information from the recording.

      a) St George killed the draggableon with a hoover. ➝ .
      b) The patron saint of Scotland is St Casper. ➝ .
      c) The draggableon is wearing armour. ➝ .

      Link the two parts of the sentence to sum up what you know about the statue.

        Italian prisoners
        It shows
        He is
        The statue symbolises
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        Let’s have fun

        Listen to the poem and quote the sound /eɪ/ when you hear it.

        Ballad about England's patron saint

        “St George and the dragon”

        St George was so brave
        He faced the dragon to save
        The fair daughter of the king.
        So on April 3rd we are celebrating
        St George’s bravery!

        Practise these words with the English pronunciation /eɪ/:
        a) Saint. b) Place. c) April. d) Cave. e) Paint. f) Danger. g) Chain. h) Spain. i) Lake. j) Trailer.
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