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A knight in action!

Mission 1

A knight in action!

Did you know?

1. Saint George is the patron saint of England only.
2. Saint George is the patron saint of exactly twenty countries.
3. All of these countries have the Cross of St George on their flag.

St George’s tale

Fill in the text about St George’s day.

    is the
    . People in
    celebrate on the
    , the anniversary of his birth.

    Fill in the mindmap about St George’s legend. Use your imagination to add extra ideas.

    Place The danger / the villain
    Saint George’s tale
    The victims / the victims’ actions: The end of the story

    Link the adjectives to the character they best describe.

      <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 1</stamp> Knight
      <stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 2</stamp> Dragon

      A shining armour

      Describe the painting by finishing the sentences.

      Graphique lié à l'exercice 4

      a) The princess is .
      b) Saint George is .
      c) The draggableon looks (+ adj.
      d) There is .

      Complete the sentences using the locations below.

        a) The village is in 
        b) Saint George is in 
        c) The Princess is on 
        d) The draggableon is on 
        e) The cave is 

        Watch the video. Match the actions to each character. 
        Kneel /niːl/: put your knees on the floor.
        Ride /raɪd/: use an animal for transport.

        National Gallery of Art/

          St George The draggableon The white horse The Princess

          Watch the video again and tick the animal parts you hear.

          Create a draggableon, draw it and prepare your description.

          Dessinez ici

          Saint George in action!

          Listen to the audio. Match each elements of the described painting to the corresponding location.

          Saint George in action!

            in the top right-hand corner
            in the background
            on the right
            almost in the centre
            behind the draggableon
            in the foreground, next to the draggableon (on its left)

            Now draw your own representation of St George and the Dragon. Compare with the paintings in your textbook. Conclusion: Mrs Pembroke is describing picture 1 or picture 2?

            Dessinez ici

            Fill in the sentences with a verb from the list below. Use the present BE + V-ing.

            Saint George (ride) his white horse. He (hold) a big sharp spear and he (wear) a shining armour. The white horse (stand) left. It (rear). The Princess (face) next to the draggableon. She looks like she (say) something to the draggableon.


            La prononciation de -ing


            Listen: Rearing, riding, grabbing, wearing.

            Réfléchis : Quel son entends-tu à la fin des mots ? ou ?


            Répète : I’m having so much fun! I’m riding my horse!


            Le présent BE + V-ing

            Observe : The princess is kneeling. The dragon is grabbing the spear.

            Réfléchis : Dans les phrases ci-dessus, repère l’auxiliaire et le verbe.

            Le groupe verbal exprime-t-il une action dont on est témoin, une habitude ou une action qui se répète ?

            Conclus : Le présent BE + V-ing est employé dans un récit pour exprimer .

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