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Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs

Train yourself

What did Josh do yesterday? Did he have a nice day? Reorder the sentences to find out!
💡 Tip: Josh was not very productive...

Everyday life

Base verbale Prétérit simple Traduction
be was / were être
become became devenir
drink drank boire
eat ate manger
have had avoir
sleep slept dormir
spend spent dépenser, passer
wake (up) woke (up) (se) réveiller

At 11, I was tired so
how Jasmine Elcock became famous!
I drank some milk
and ate cookies.
I had breakfast at 10.30:
Yesterday, I slept well,
I spent time watching TV and discovered
I woke up at 10 a.m.!

Actions and sports

Base verbale Prétérit simple Traduction
do did faire
fall fell tomber
lose lost perdre
win won gagner

What did you do after?
and fell on the floor!
I lost my PE outfit
I won a medal for being so lazy...


Base verbale Prétérit simple Traduction
give gave donner
meet met rencontrer
say said dire
take took prendre
tell told raconter

and gave me a postcard for my sister.
At pm, I met the postman,
I said “Do you have anything for me?”, he
I didn’t take it well...
told me “No sorry, there’s no letter for you...”

School time

Base verbale Prétérit simple Traduction
find found trouver
hear heard entendre
make made faire, créer
read read /red/ lire
say said /sed/ dire
see saw voir
tell told raconter
think thought penser
write wrote écrire

At 3 p.m., I finally found something clever to do,
At 4 p.m., I heard a strange noise,
He was a nice ghost, he made me some pancakes.
I read a book about a red dragon
I said “Who’s that?” and a sweet voice
I saw him: Casper was in my kitchen!
told me “I’m Casper the ghost”.
I thought “Am I dreaming?” but fi nally,
and wrote a post about it on my blog.


Base verbale Prétérit simple Traduction
come came venir
go went aller
run ran courir

But in the end, my mother came into my bedroom – it was all just a dream!
I finally went back home at 5 p.m., exhausted after my long night and long day.
She said: “It’s 8 a.m.! You’re late!” and so, I ran to school to arrive on time!


act out jouer (une scène)
add ajouter
ask demander
collect rassembler
dub doubler
fill in remplir
find the odd one out trouver l'intrus
focus on se concentrer sur
guess  deviner
hightlight surligner
introduce présenter
link lier, relier
make a sentence faire une phrase
match associer
perform interpréter 
pick (out) relever
recap récapituler
record enregistrer
reorder mettre dans l'ordre
spell épeler
spot reprérer
study étudier
sum up / summarise résumer
team up faire équipe
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