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Haunted homes


Haunted homes

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Audio guide

Audio guide

Song about a ghost

Song about a ghost

Doc. 5
Have you seen the ghost of John?

A Folk song: “Have you seen the ghost of John?”

Have you seen the ghost of John?
All white bones with the skin all gone
Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on, no skin on?
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Exercice 1 : Get ready

Read the questions: "What are you scared of? Ghosts?". Pick out the verb, the adjective and the noun.

Classify the things people are scared of.

  • Snake
  • Spider
  • Wizard
  • Monster
  • Dragon
  • Zombie
  • Vampire
  • Silence
  • Black cat
  • Dark
  • English tests
  • Night
  • Midnight
Animals Supernatural beings Times/situations

Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.

Different kinds of home (house, castle...) Who lives in a haunted house?
Haunted homes
There’s a ghost in your school! What do you do?

Check with this table what you already know.

Today, can you… Prove it! 🙂 🙁
describe a person? My friend is...
talk about hobbies? I love...
say numbers and dates? Today is...
give instructions? You should...

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Exercice 2 : Observe and listen

Click on the adjectives which can describe the house.

First, match the instructions to the warning signs. Then, listen to the audio.

a) Don’t make a sound. 
Don’t make a move. 
Don’t take photos. 
Don’t go on the lawn. 

b) Pick out the signs illustrating the instructions you can hear. 

Complete the description of the document.

The document is a movie (type of document). In the middle, I can see a big . In front of the house, there are three . They look (adjective). I can guess it is a (genre) movie.

Complete these movie titles with funny ideas. Use your imagination!

a) “The Haunted ”.
b) “My is a Ghost”.
c) “The Vampire Goes ”.

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Exercice 3 : Let’s have fun

Listen to the song. Repair the letters “o”. Then, match the pronunciation to its word.

  • no
  • bones
  • ghost
  • gone

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