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Unité de transition collège/lycée
1 • Generations living together
Ch. 1
Food for joy, food for ploy
Ch. 2
No future? No way!
2 • Working worlds
Ch. 3
Working in Silicon Valley
Ch. 4
STEM women rock!
3 • Neighbourhoods, cities and villages
Ch. 5
Ticket to ride
Ch. 6
South Afri...cans
Ch. A
Dreaming city stories - Digital content only
4 • Representation of self and relationships with others
Ch. 7
Ch. 8
Look at me now!
Ch. B
Inking the future - Digital content only
5 • Sports and society
Ch. 9
Spirit in motion
Ch. 10
Athletic scholarship
6 • Creation and arts
Ch. 11
“You see but you don’t observe!”
Ch. 12
From silent to talkie
Ch. C
Copying or denouncing? - Digital content only
7 • Saving the planet, designing possible futures
Ch. 13
Young voices of change
Ch. 14
Biomimicry: a sustainable solution?
8 • The past in the present
Ch. 15
Twisted tales
Ch. 16
The Royals
Ch. D
All Hallows' Eve - Digital content only
Fiches méthode
Ch. 18
Précis culturel
Ch. 19
Précis de communication
Ch. 20
Précis phonologique
Ch. 21
Précis grammatical
Verbes irréguliers
United Kingdom Flag
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8 • The past in the present
Unit 16

The Royals

Retrouvez en lien avec cette thématique.

Does the media frenzy reinforce or challenge the Royals's stability ?
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Australia, by Chris Jackson, 2018.
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Australia, by Chris Jackson, 2018.
Get ready!
Look at the vocabulary
a. Memorise as many words as possible. Then, find other words to complete it. Use the toolbox.

b. Give a title to each box.

Look at the picture above.
a. What strikes you?

b. Is it a traditional or a modern view of monarchy? Why?
Listen to this report explaining what happens when a British monarch dies. Be ready to present it.

Pair work
Read the and discuss them with your neighbour.

Read the idiom of the week on the page below. With the photo and the culture note, guess its meaning.


  • old-fashioned / traditional ≠ modern (adj.)
  • even if / although /ɔːlˈðəʊ/ (adv.)
  • look realistic / alive (exp.)
  • portrait / a painting / canvas (n.)
  • contrast with (v.)
  • look ≠ look like / resemble /rɪˈzɛmbəl/ (v.)
  • unveil / discover (v.)

Let's learn!


Select five words from the below and use drawings to make your neighbour guess them.
Idiom of the week!

The Queen's English

When the monarch in the United Kingdom is a king, it is called the King's English.

This is not any kind of English but the one spoken by the ruling monarch.
Elizabeth II making a Christmas broadcast, by Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Corbis, 1952.
Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.
Elizabeth II making a Christmas broadcast, by Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Corbis, 1952.
Brainstorming questions
What is the role of the British Royal Family today?
How are they represented in the media?
Why are British people so attached to the Royal family?
The Royal Family
  • be at the head of / be crowned (v.)
  • celebrate / praise / adore (v.)
  • cheer / applaud (v.)
  • despise /dɪ'spaɪz/ / reject / attack (v.)
  • rule (v.) = govern the country / lead the kingdom /'kɪŋdəm/ / (exp.)
  • support / defend the monarchy /ˈmɒnəkɪ/ / (exp.)
  • wear a crown /ˈkraʊn/ / tiara /tiˈɑːrə/ (exp.)
  • grandchild / grandchildren (n.)
  • grandmother (n.)
  • great-grandchild (n.)
  • great-grandmother (n.)
  • heir /ˈɛə/ / succession (n.)
  • monarch / queen / king (n.)
  • sovereign /'sɒvrɪn/ (.n)
  • comfortable / relaxed (adj.)
  • happy / joyful / pleased (adj.)
  • harassed (adj.) by paparazzi
  • popular / admired / beloved /bɪ'lʌvɪd/ / celebrated (adj.)
  • shy/ timid (adj.)
  • stubborn / headstrong (adj.)
  • sulky / irritable / uptight (adj.)
  • traditional ≠ mordern (adj.)
  • Big Ben (
  • Buckingham Palace ( → the Queen's residence
  • Westminster /ˈwɛstmɪnstə/ (
  • Windsor Castle /ˈkɑːsəl/ (
  • 10 Downing Street ( → the residence of the British Prime Minister (PM)

On your way to the task

Step 1

Lead a flash news report.

Step 2

Share your thoughts by taking part in a street interview (vox-pop).

Step 3

Create and present a tabloid cover.

Your final project

Report on a Royal event, and question its impact on the stability of the British Monarchy.

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