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Food for joy, food for ploy

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Unit 1
1 • Generations living together

Food for joy, food for ploy
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To what extent can food traditions link generations?

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

United States of Food, Lucy Stephens, 2011.



  • tasty / savoury / delicious (adj.)
  • typical / traditional food (exp.)
  • appetizer / dessert /dɪˈzɜːt/ (n.)
  • gravy /ˈɡrɛɪvi/ / sauce (n.)
  • ingredient (n.)
  • recipe /ˈrɛsɪpɪ/ (n.) = the way to prepare a dish
  • cook / taste (v.)

Get ready!

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Look at the vocabulary of the five boxes below.
a. Classify the words from the toolbox into each box.

b. Complete each box with other words.

Look at the USA map above.
a. On the Internet, find the recipe of a dish that you picked from the map. List the main ingredients to cook it and find an anecdote (where it is made, its origin, its popularity, ...).

b. Now you are the Chef! Present your recipe to the class in about two to three minutes. Vote for the best one.
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Read the brainstorming questions and discuss them with your group.

Read the idiom of the week. With the photo and the note, guess its meaning and rephrase it.
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Let's learn!

Memory game

Memorise as many words as possible from the five vocabulary boxes below. Then close your book and write every word you can remember.

Unicorn Meat

IDIOM of the week!

Same meat, different gravy!

Same meat, different gravy!

Louisiana (also called the Pelican state) is a Southern American state that used to be a part of France, until Napoleon sold it to America in 1803. New Orleans is the cradle of jazz and of incredibly rich Cajun and Creole cuisines which use similar ingredients but cook them differently.

Brainstorming question

Is food just for pleasure?
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Brainstorming question

Is communication easier around food?
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Brainstorming question

Can ideas be conveyed via food?
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In the kitchen

In the Kitchen 1-2
In the Kitchen 3-4-5

  • beef → meat of cow, bull or ox (n.)
  • fish (cod, plaice) / oysters (n.)
  • lamb /ˈlæm/ (n.) → meat of young sheep
  • mutton (n.) → meat of sheep
  • pork (n.) → meat of pig
  • seafood (n.)
  • turkey (n.) → meat of turkey
  • veal (n.) → meat of calf

  • basil (n.)
  • cilantro (coriander) (n.)
  • cumin /ˈkjuːmɪn/ (n.)
  • garlic (n.)
  • ginger (n.)
  • paprika (n.)
  • thyme /ˈtaɪm/ (n.)

  • baking soda / powder/ˈpaʊdə/ (n.)
  • condensed milk (dairy product) (n.)
  • dough /ˈdəʊ/ (n.) → raw pastry, made of flour, water and yeast
  • egg white / yolk /ˈjəʊk/
  • (n.)
  • flour /ˈflaʊə/ (n.) → powdered wheat /ˈhwiːt/ / corn
  • pastry flat (n.)
  • baking pan / tin (n.)
  • sauce pan / frying pan (n.)

  • bitter (adj.)
  • salty /ˈsɔːltɪ/ / sweet (adj.)
  • sour /ˈsaʊə/ (adj.)
  • Umami (n.) → “the fith taste”(from a Japanese word meaning “deliciousness”)

  • add (v.) → put something more
  • chop / mince (v.) → cut in small pieces
  • grate (v.) → turn into shreds
  • peel (v.) → remove skin
  • pour (v.) → add a liquid
  • shred (v.) → tear (tore, torn)
  • slice (v.) → cut in thin pieces
  • stir (mix) (v.)
  • whip (v.) → beat with a whisk

On your way to the task - Step 1

Blog about a food discovery.

Step 2

Change the menu of a fast-food restaurant.

Step 3

Convince your classmates to go to a restaurant.

Your final project

You must convince a famous cook to participate in writing the script for your TV series.
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