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Activity 3

Yes they can!

Group 1: Superhumans

Ellie Simmonds for the trailer of the Rio Paralympics, 2016. We’re the Superhumans is a TV trailer which was produced to promote the 2016 Rio Paralympics. It features disabled athletes performing various activities.

Group 2: An impressive athlete

Double amputee Aimee Mullins, 2014. Aimee Mullins is a former model, actress and Paralympic athlete. She became famous for her athletic achievements.

Group 3: An inspiring story

Ezra Frech at the Kids’ Choice Sports, 2015. Ezra Frech is an incredible young boy using sport to overcome obstacles.
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You are in charge of one athlete.

Workbook p. 63

Look at the picture and read its introductory text before watching the video. Make suppositions about the video.

What strikes you in her or his achievements?

Recap and explain why the athlete is impressive.

Useful vocabulary: I was first stricken by…
What I find surprising is…
I am impressed by his / her courage…

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about other athletes.

What do these athletes have in common?

Why could we call them extraordinary athletes?

If you had the opportunity to interview one of the athletes on the pages, list the questions you would ask her or him.

Useful vocabulary: They are all brave and hardworking…
They are disabled, yet they manage to…
Even if they…, they could… / they were able to…
They all stand out because…
They share the same courage...


  • determined = strong-willed (adj.)
  • impressive / amazing (adj.)
  • successful /səkˈsɛsfʊl/ (adj.)
  • achievement /əˈtʃiːvmənt/ (n.)
  • competitive spirit (n.)
  • open door (n.)
  • true inspiration /ˌɪnspɪˈrɛɪʃən/ (n.)
  • achieve /əˈtʃiːv/ (v.)
  • make a name = become well-known (v.)
  • overcome obstacles (v.)

From French to English


La traduction de « assister à »

Exercices p. 138
  • remarquer, noter : witness sth, see sth, be at, be there
    Ex : We have been witnessing her progress since she was a child.
  • être spectateur : be present at, attend + sth
    Ex : They attended the Olympic Games.

Phonology in progress

La prononciation des mots en -ion

Competition /ˌkɒmpɪˈtɪʃən/
Persecution /ˌpɜːsɪˈkjuːʃən/
Rehabilitation /ˌriːhəbɪlɪˈtɛɪʃən/

Workbook p. 66 Précis phonologique p. 256

Let's learn!

React! Chain-speaking

In groups of three, select one video and sum it up. In each sentence, use one of the expressions from the list below or from p. 252-255.
What an impressive child!
What an amazing story!
This video makes me cry.
This story gave me happy tears.
According to me, ...
Personally, I feel, ...
I have just watched the video and I must say…

Over to you!

Share your reaction!

Let’s use what you have learnt in !

You just came across surprising athletes’ stories and you want to react. Post your comment.

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