Activity 4

Unconquerable spirit

Prince Harry poses with British athlete David Henson after he won the gold medal in the 200m Men Ambulant IT2 final during the Invictus Games in London, 2014.


Watch the video.
Then, click on your path!


Workbook p. 64

Let's learn!

Spell it out!

Memorise as many words as possible from this double page. Then, participate in a spelling competition.
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What is the nature of the document? Who is speaking? What sport event is it about? Who is the target?

Who is Prince Harry paying tribute to?

What have these servicemen and women achieved? What values do they represent?

Useful vocabulary: This video aims at + V-ing…
He pays a tribute to…
They are role-models…

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

Explain the aim of the competition and how it helps to change the life of injured soldiers.

Useful vocabulary: The athletes are exceptional because…
I find them quite inspiring because...
It shows the power of sport to support recovery / the fighting spirit of...


  • breathtaking (adj.)
  • challenging (adj.)
  • remarkable (adj.)
  • tremendous (adj.)
  • achievement (n.)
  • advocate of sth (v.)
  • injury /ˈɪndʒərɪ/ (n.)
  • pioneer /ˌpaɪəˈnɪə/ (n.)
  • stepping stone (exp.)
  • achieve (v.)

Grammar in progress

That et what

Ex : I knew that anyone would be inspired by what these men and women had achieved.

That = complément d’objet, pas indispensable ici (= que).
What = complément d’objet, évite les répétitions (= ce que).

Exercices p. 138 Précis grammatical p. 284

Some, any

Les quantifieurs qui expriment une certaine quantité se traduisent par « de la », « du » ou « des ».
Some → affirmations
Any → négations ou questions
Any a un sens différent dans les phrases négatives.
Ex : I want to participate to any race. → n’importe laquelle
I don’t want to participate to any race. → aucune

Exercices p. 138 Précis grammatical p. 266

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Be ready to answer the basic questions: Who? What? Where? When?

What is the aim of the Invictus games?

What positive impact does sport have on these people? How does it change their life?

Useful vocabulary: The document is set in…
Sport creates a bond within… / is a stepping stone to...

Over to you!

Choose a cover

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 4
and / or
Activity 5

You are part of the editorial board of the Sports Illustrated magazine. You decide which athlete should appear on the front page of the special issue entitled They Changed History. Imagine your discussion.

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