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An out and proud fairy tale
Activity 5

An out and proud fairy tale

Text A
One Book To Change Them All, Frank Lowe, 2014.

Jeffrey A. Miles: I really wanted a story like this when I was a little boy. I knew that stories about princes falling in love with princesses didn’t apply to me and my life. I knew from an early age that I was never going to marry a princess. So I wrote this story for children but I also wrote it for anyone who wants to read a fairy tale story of two men who meet each other, go on an adventure, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after with their handsome prince.

I guess I hope that in the not-too-distant future, when I go to amusement parks, there will be a prince and prince couple, like Earnest and Gallant, dancing and singing together along with the other prince and princess couples in front of the castle. When that happens, then I will see the world as a truly magical place.

One Book To Change Them All, Frank Lowe, 2014.
Text B
One Book To Change Them All, Frank Lowe, 2014.

What do kids say about it?

Jeffrey A. Miles: I wondered if kids would comment that the story has two men getting married. I’m happy to say that kids love the story just like the other fairy tale stories. Kids see the story is about two people who fall in love and get married. All of the kids who have read the story don’t find it unusual that the two characters who get married happen to be two men. Kids seem to see that love can happen between two people regardless of the couple’s gender. I’ve been amazed how easy that idea is for kids to understand and how hard it is for some adults to understand.

One Book To Change Them All, Frank Lowe, 2014.


  • empowering /ɪmˈpaʊərɪŋ/ (adj.)
  • forward thinking (adj.)
  • inclusive /ɪnˈkluːsɪv/ (adj.)
  • progressive (adj.)
  • automatic (gun) (n.)
  • plot = storyline (n.)
  • be open-minded (v.)
  • fool (deceive) (v.)
  • used to + V (v.)
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You are in charge of one text.

Workbook p. 106

Find information about the fairy tale presented (the plot, the characters).

Contrast this fairy tale with the classic ones you know.

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

Why does Miles think it’s important to have diverse storylines? Do you agree? Why or why not?

To like a story, do you need the heroes to look like you?

Useful vocabulary: Nowadays / In this changing world…
Society should be… It’s very difficult to be…
I need to identify… On the one hand… One the other hand…

Imagine other possible twists in original fairy tales that could please you or other readers.

Let's learn!

Verb treasure hunt

Find as many verbs as you can in all three texts and give their infinitive form as well as their equivalent in French. Each verb makes one point.

Over to you!

Conduct an interview

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

You interview James Thurber’s daughter Rosemary to learn about the writer’s inspiration for his story. You ask her questions about her perception of the evolution of male / female relationships in fairy tales in the 20 th century.

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