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Language in progress

p. 192‑193

A. Grammar at work - Les phrases en if et les subordonnées de condition

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Observe and deduce!

If I was Harriet Tubman, I would be the hero who led the slaves out of Egypt.
a. Quelles sont les formes verbales ?

b. Déduisez la structure d’une phrase exprimant l’hypothèse avec une proposition subordonnée.
If + sujet + verbe au , sujet + complément
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Practice! Exprimez l’hypothèse à l’aide d’une subordonnée de condition.

1) I (be kidnapped and sold into modern slavery) / I (fight like Solomon Northup.)
2) I (erase slavery from the history of the world) / I (have magic powers.)
3) I (be the president of the USA) / I (apologize to all those whose ancestors were slaves.)

D. Vocabulary in progress

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Trouvez les mots manquants parmi les mots suivants.

  • slave
  • abolitionist
  • committed
  • fugitives
  • away
  • railroad
  • stations
  • station
  • masters
  • jailed
  • emancipated
  • conductors
  • network
  • hunters
  • route
  • bounty
  • states
  • fined
  • underground
  • safe
At the beginning of the century, the
(1) movement helped the development of a secret
(2) to allow some slaves to run
(3) from the Southern
(5). It was called the
(8) would travel by night; they would be guided by
(9). They would stop at
(11) houses belonging to
(13) who would offer food and shelter.
(15) would track them, even in the Northern states. According to the Fugitive Act, all the citizens had to help capture them, otherwise they could be
(16) or even
(17). Fortunately, some of them succeeded and were
(18). The secret
(19) of
(20) people helped free hundreds of slaves from the Deep South.

E. Phonology in progress

Écoutez puis expliquez le sens des phrases suivantes en tenant compte de l’intonation indiquée : s’agit-il d’une confirmation ou d’une vérification ? Puis entraînez-vous à les lire.

Puis entraînez-vous à les lire.

1) The station masters who hid slaves in secret parts of their houses had to be very brave, didn’t they?

2) You will play the role of the slave holder, won’t you?

3) It is hard to imagine all the pain endured by the slaves, isn’t it?

4) Let’s talk about this issue widely so that it never happens again, shall we?
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