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Chapter 1

Act and react!

Can words be weapons?
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Today you can...

  • give advice,
  • share your opinion,
  • describe your feelings,
  • ask personal questions.

Tomorrow you will…

  • give orders and issue directions,
  • encourage someone to do something,
  • express your feelings with link words,
  • inquire about someone’s problems and suggest solutions,
  • find out about bullying.

Mission 1

Make a twitchat #NoBullyingEver

  • Describe a picture.
  • Give your opinion on a video.
  • Participate in a survey.

Mission 2

Give advice to a friend who is bullied

  • Read a newspaper article.
  • Understand a conversation.
  • Watch slam poetry.

Final challenge

Run a campaign against bullying

  • Exchange ideas to run a campaign.
  • Write sketches.
  • Take part in a slam competition.

Today you can...

Today you can...
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