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Act and react!


Act and react!

Today you can...

     give advice,
     share your opinion,
     describe your feelings,
     ask personal questions.

Tomorrow you will…

     give orders and issue directions,
     encourage someone to do something,
     express your feelings with link words,
     inquire about someone’s problems and suggest solutions,
    ✈️ find out about bullying.

Can words be weapons?

Can words be weapons?

The audioguide to the movie poster

The audioguide to the movie poster

A girl like her

Mission 1

Make a twitchat #NoBullyingEver

  • Describe a picture.
  • Give your opinion on a video.
  • Participate in a survey.

Mission 2

Give advice to a friend who is bullied

  • Read a newspaper article.
  • Understand a conversation.
  • Read slam poetry.

Final challenge

Run a campaign against bullying

  • Exchange ideas to run a campaign.
  • Write sketches.
  • Take part in a slam competition.
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