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Mission 1

Be aware!

Compétence : Écrire et réagir à l'écrit : j'écris pour communiquer.

Did you know?

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, between 40% and 80% of children experience bullying at some point during their school career in the US. In Canada, it’s about 30% and in France, about 15% of children. What’s the thing you hate the most at school? Bullying?

01New tech bullying


03Keep calm and stop bullying

1. Has anyone ever insulted you?

NeverOnce in a whileToo often

2. Has anyone ever hit you?

NeverOnceA few times

3. Has anyone ever threatened you?


4. Has anybody been mean to you because of how you look?

Quite rarelyOnce or twiceOn a regular basis

5. Have you ever made mean comments on social networks?

NeverSometimesToo often

6. Have you ever received threatening text messages?

Once or twiceA few timesToo many times

7. Have you ever seen someone else being bullied?

NeverOftenToo many times

8. Have you ever threatened or pushed people? Or called them names?

No, I haven'tI'd rather not answerYes, I have



What is your definition of bullying? Have you ever been the victim of a bully?
Have you ever comforted a victim of bullying?



Observe: Has anyone ever made fun of you?

 How is this question built? What does ever add to the question?

Practise: In groups, write 4 questions to know about someone’s experience of bullying.
  • 2
    . Red hair boy
  • 3
    . Red

Red hair boy


Exercice 2 : React!

Question 1

DOCS 2, 3

Look at the picture and imagine why the boy is looking down.

Question 2

DOCS 2, 3

Watch the first part of the video and imagine what will happen next. Why is the video called Red?

Question 3

DOCS 2, 3

Watch the end. What do you think of the blond-haired boy’s reaction?

Question 4

DOCS 2, 3

If it happened to you, what would you do? List possible reactions in a Doodle and ask your classmates to pick one!
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