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Chapter 5

I want to break free!

What would you do to stand up for your rights?
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Today you can...

  • recount events,
  • analyse a photograph,
  • express obligations and give permissions,
  • make comparisons.

Tomorrow you will...

  • recount events from a different perspective,
  • compare photographs,
  • talk about what is prohibited,
  • compare notions using link words,
  • learn about apartheid and segregation.

Mission 1

Prepare a video conference

  • Analyse a photograph.
  • Watch a video biography.
  • Read an article.

Mission 2

Write a speech

  • Compare photographs.
  • Watch a video report.
  • Read a speech.

Final challenge

Create a fakebook profile

  • Write biographical posts.
  • Interview an activist.
  • Deliver MLK’s speech.

Final challenge


Final challenge
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