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Mission 2

Cracking the case!

Compétence : Réagir et dialoguer : j’échange avec un interlocuteur.

Did you know?

TV detective Columbo is famous for his problem solving techniques. To be a good detective, you also need patience, attention to details and, of course, good communication skills. Would you make a good detective? Why?

01Let’s recap!

Let's recap!

CASE NUMBER 73 - date: February 28th - London Disctrict
Victim: Brian O'NeillCluesSuspectsWitnesses
- male
- 30
- married to Megan O'Neill
- policeman
- always worked late
- gun found next to the body
- messy apartment: papers everywher -> fight?
- fingerprints
- no footprints
- Megan O'Neill, 28: victim's wife missing
- Kat Perry, 84: victim's neighbour. Fond of snakes. Was watching TV.
- Ryan Bosling, 28: victim's neighbour. Was texting his friend Julia
- a smoker?
- a jogger?
No reliable witnesses.
Kat Perry saw someone smoking and someone running in the street, she heard people fighting.
Ryan Bosling heard loud noises.

02A mysterious letter

Megan O’Neill, English Professor
at the University of London
Malet Street, London
March 6th

Dear Detective Logan,

I am Megan O’Neill and I know that you are investigating my husbband’s murder. I was in the apartment when Brian was shot ded. I now that I look suspicious to you because I disappeared but I promise I did not kille my husband.

I hearrd some noisse coming from the living room but at first I didn’t realise that he was being atacked. Then I heard a gunshot so I ran away as quickly as possible, as discrreetly as possibl. Please belive me, I loved Brian very mutch and I’m devastated.

A mysterious letter

03Who's the culprit?



Investigation, suspicious, initial, intellectual.
information - mysterious - official - conflictual.


Past BE + V-ing

Observe: She was watching TV when she heard a noise. What were you doing when the victim died?

Think: When is the past BE + V-ing used? When is the simple past used?

Practise: Brian … on an article when he … .
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    . Who's the culprit?

Who's the culprit?


Exercice 3 : Who's the culprit?

Question 1


Recap the alibis. Make hypotheses about the murderer.

Question 2


Find out about Ceasar ciphers.

Question 3


Read the letter in your workbook and crack the case!
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