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Mission 2

Toss the caber!

Compétence : Parler en continu : je prends la parole pour raconter, décrire, expliquer.

Did you know?

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland. It is made of lamb, beef, oats, onions and spices. But it’s cooked in… a sheep’s stomach! In other countries, some people enjoy other unusual dishes, like blood pudding! Any other examples?

01The rules of the game

Tug of war

The aim is to pull the opposite team’s white flag over the centre line.

Equipment you need:
a 6-metre long rope, red and white tape, two bits of white cloth

- There must be an even number of players on each team, plus one referee.
- The referee must stand between the two team lines. Players mustn’t touch the ground.
- Players must pick up the rope and hold it tight.
- When the referee gives the signal, the players should pull on the rope.
- A team has lost when its flag is pulled across the centre line, or when a player falls down.

02Tossing the caber

03Highland sports



/aɪ/ vs /ɪ/

haggis, kilt, whisky, Highland, piping, finally.
Scottish children don’t like haggis nor drink whisky, do they?


Must, HAVE to and need to

Observe: The caber must be 16 to 22 feet long. It has to weigh between 100 and 180 pounds and it needs to be vertical.

Think: Look at the words in bold. What differences do you see? Do they mean the same thing?

Practise: Make three rules for a game you know!
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