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Black Lives Matter

Unit 13

7 • Diversity and Inclusion
WB p. 93

Black Lives Matter
Flag of the United States

➜ To what extent has public protest helped African Americans to get closer to equal rights?

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Serious Game

Retrouvez un Genially pour rebrasser la séquence en cliquant ici.

 Barack Obama helps finish a mural on Martin Luther King Day, Washington DC, 2017

Get ready!

Look at the vocabulary list. Assign a title to each box.

Look at the picture above.

a. Why is Barack Obama’s contribution to this mural a significant gesture?

b. How are the two men’s dreams similar? Why?
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a. Watch the video. Be ready to present it.

b. Did Obama ever doubt his ability to get white support to win the presidency? Justify.

Discuss these brainstorming questions with your classmates:
Have African-American people always been treated equally since the Civil Rights Movement? What is the “Black Lives Matter” movement?

Read the idiom of the week. Rephrase it in your own words and give examples.
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  • inspiring (adj.)
  • be trapped in (exp.)
  • follow someone's step (exp.)
  • treat someone right ≠ wrong (exp.)
  • support /səˈpɔrt/ (v.)

Let’s learn!


🕐 1 min
In pairs: Look at the vocabulary list for 1 minute, then close your book and give as many words as you can remember.

If someone shows you their true colors don't try to repaint them

Idiom of the week!

Show your true colors


It means to reveal your real character. Connected with the notions of diversity and multiculturalism in today’s society, it suggests everyone should feel safe to share who they really are without being judged and rejected. Therefore, it is also important to know who you are so that it is easier for you to accept and appreciate others’ differences.

African-American People Empowerment

Box 1
  • common ground (exp.)
  • community (n.)
  • identity (n.)
  • leader (n.)
  • network (n.)
  • values (n.)
  • share (v.)

Box 2
  • pay tribute to (exp.)
  • icon / figure (n.)
  • role model (n.)
  • celebrate (v.)
  • commemorate (v.)
  • embody / symbolize (v.)

Box 3
  • fight for ≠ against (exp.)
  • raise awareness about (exp.)
  • speak up / speak out against (exp.)
  • stand up for (exp.)
  • stand one's ground (exp.)
  • take a knee (exp.)
  • activist (n.)
  • advocate (n. or v.)
  • demonstrate (v.)
  • oppose / protest (v.)

Box 4
  • committed (adj.)
  • respected (adj.)
  • be involved in (exp.)
  • diversity (n.)
  • equality (n.)
  • inclusion (n.)
  • influence (v.)

Box 5
  • be discriminated against (exp.)
  • be looked down on (exp.)
  • injustice (n.)
  • stigmatization / stereotype (n.)
  • be mistreated (v.)
  • demean / humiliate (v.)
  • harass / persecute (v.)

Box 6
  • fair / just (adj.)
  • free (adj.)
  • civil rights (exp.)
  • equal treatment / on an equal footing (exp.)
  • obtain equal rights (exp.)
  • social justice (exp.)
  • achievement (n.)
  • challenge (n.)
  • emancipation (n.)
  • fulfillment (n.)
  • progress (n.)

On your way to the task ❯❯ Step 1

Introduce an African- American history-maker and her or his achievements.

❯❯ Step 2

Tweet about silent protests.

❯❯ Step 3

You take part in a talk show about African- American history.

❯❯ Your final project

Influential people from the 21st century celebrate Black History Month.
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