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A Camera of Her Own

Unit 5

A Camera of Her Own

Get ready!
Look at the word cloud and listen to the recording. Then, use these words to discuss what the video might be about.

word cloud

word cloud

a. Watch the video. Pick out as much information as you can about the following topics. Pay attention to both what you hear and what you see.

A pathbreaking female artist A recorder of her own time A role model/inspiration for other women

b. True or false? Say if these statements are true or false, then justify with keywords.

1) Margaret Bourke-White’s career lasted fifty years.

2) She was a luminary (a famous name) in her lifetime.

3) She was recognized as the first fashion photographer.

4) She opened the way to other women.

What would you say about the tone of the video? What is its aim?

Let's recap! Use the information you have gathered about Margaret Bourke-White and vocabulary from the mind map on p. 81 of your textbook in order to introduce her to your classmates.

Useful vocabulary: This video pays tribute to… It highlights… She worked as a… Her photographs depict…

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